Zscaler Digital Experience Raises The Bar For Application Monitoring And More

By Patrick Moorhead - December 7, 2021
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Last week, Zscaler announced several significant enhancements to its Zscaler Digital Experience (ZDX) service. ZDX aims to provide visibility into user, connectivity and application telemetry to help resolve user experience issues. I spoke with executives ahead of the launch and would like to share my takeaways from the conversation. 

Application monitoring 

A handful of application monitoring capabilities are worth noting. Video collaboration platforms have seen overwhelming success over the last two years, thanks to the pandemic and its acceleration of the remote work trend. ZDX now features application program interface (API) integrations for both Zoom and Microsoft Teams. This, according to Zscaler, will provide IT teams with access to users and meeting level telemetry in addition to application telemetry to aid in the detection and elimination of sources of latency and packet loss. I should note that while this will ensure better video collaboration experiences for users, it won’t solve the issue of forgetting to take yourself off mute! ZDX has also introduced new troubleshooting tools that aim to proactively remediate broader unified communications issues, such as connection faults, and avoid the generation of trouble tickets that can overwhelm IT help desks. 

I believe that Zscaler delivers a complete zero-trust platform. If interested in learning more, I provide further insight in this article. The new ZDX capabilities promise to support comprehensive visibility and insights into zero-trust secured private applications protected by Zscaler Private Access (ZPA). A centralized dashboard eases management and troubleshooting for ZPA deployments. I had an opportunity to demo the solution and was impressed by its intuitiveness and ease of use.

Digital workflow service integrations  

ZDX also offers new features designed to enhance its support of Microsoft Office 365. By analyzing trends and metrics for potential issues, ZDX promises to deliver a better user experience. Additionally, ZDX now supports automated IT incident management with ServiceNow for the streamlining of remediation workflows based on ZDX alerts.

Wrapping up 

I am impressed with how Zscaler continues to raise the bar in the security space and across the user experience. One of the biggest challenges as we exit the pandemic is ensuring that remote workers have the same application experience as campus environments. From my perspective, these new enhancements to ZDX go a long way to ensuring that end goal. 

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