RESEARCH PAPER: HP Moonshot- An Accelerator for Hyperscale Workloads

Hyperscale data center customers have specialized workloads, and they are asking for specialized architectures and equipment to accelerate those workloads, with the goal of increasing data center density while decreasing power consumption and other costs.  

HP's Dave Donatelli (right), executive vice president and general manager of Enterprise Group

In 2010, HP gave its Moonshot team a charter to break out of HP’s mainstream enterprise value propositions. Creating differentiation in a commodity market is difficult. Likewise, it is easier to be different in an emerging technology market, mostly because in those early markets, competitive benchmarks are an art, not a science. The hardest part though, is creating sustainable differentiation. HP’s Moonshot 1500 System hardware platform is as innovative as we have seen, both in its throughput-oriented architecture and in HP’s decision to develop a third-party ecosystem.

In this white paper, Moor Insights & Strategy examines HP’s Moonshot  in the context of the scale-out datacenter challenges, needs, megatrends and innovations.

You can download this paper here.

It was an honor to be on stage during the Moonshot launch with HP’s Mark Potter and Dave Donatelli.  While on stage, Dave Donatelli acknowledged Moor

Mark Potter (left) , HP's Senior Vice President and General Manager, Industry Standard Servers and Software, Enterprise Group

Insights & Strategy by saying, “.. I’d like to shift gears and have an expert give us an industry view of what this means. Let me introduce Patrick Moorhead. Patrick’s founder and principal analyst of Moor Insights & Strategy. Patrick’s one of the most cited technological industry analysts in the world and is a 23 year high tech strategy and marketing executive.”   You can find the HP Moonshot event video here.

Patrick Moorhead On Stage at HP Moonshot launch


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