Vessel Health: A Better Alternative For A Healthy Life

Vitamins are fundamental to human life. Depleted nutrients can lead to different diseases and life-threatening conditions that limit the body's ability to fight off infection, disease, or perform your best each day. These days, the most extensive vitamin deficiency test are blood tests that help examine proteins, sugars, hormones, alkalinity, and certain bacteria telling absent vitamin intake you do not have, or you have too much of getting enough of.

Healthcare technology has turned into a billion-dollar industry. As an Austin, Texas native, you will know that it is a dynamic city with individuals who spend a considerable amount of time and money on their bodies that require consistent check-ups, doctor visits for deficiencies within their body, among other health-related avenues and on top of that the expensive constant nutritionist visits. Right away, each visit costs between $100-300 per visit for an hour, not accounting for testing before paying for supplements or other methods of optimizing your deficiencies. But what if there was a less harmful way of receiving these results inside the comfort of your own home? 

I wanted to talk about a new company that is disrupting this industry by "bringing the lab to you" to a whole other level. I was given a chance to speak with Vessel CEO Jon Carder. The California-based "lab-in-your-hand" founder. The new start-up has perfected affordability and a convenient way to control your health that is backed by science. Over the past couple of months, I have been trying a product that I have yet to see in the market that gives such accurate results. Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on the science behind the magic of Vessel and give my results about the service the company provides.

Does Vessel Health live up to the hype? Let's find out.

Vessel application

It was a busy end-of-the-year in 2020 and has released an affordable, simplistic way to receive results within minutes with their technology-based urination test-strip that tests for vitamin deficiencies and what they are doing to test for Covid-19. Vessel, previously called Bloom, is the first 99% technology-based urination test strip brand to do this precisely and plan for their users to better themselves. I feel this will give the company an edge up and hold its own against its other competitors. 

"I saw countless press articles about how the lab is coming into the home and how we are going to be able to test ourselves at home to get data instantly on how our body is doing. It immediately dawned on me like, wow, what if we can do what I did to track your levels without all the headache and hassle? What an amazing impact that could be to help tens of millions of people's lives because most people aren't going to go through the hassle of what I went through, or they can't afford to. We can do it cost-effectively and instantly. That is the genesis of Vessel." - CEO Jon Carder.

Inside the box, you will find daily wellness cards or better known as Vessel sticks, that came in simplistic packaging that were individually wrapped up in sleeves with a small box to hold your used test strips along with information to download the Vessel Health application on your phone. Each user must download the application, set up your profile, urinate on a stick, scan the barcode to activate your account, and you're finished. Within two minutes, you'll see your Vessel wellness score and what your body needs to be optimized to perform at your best and begin your new lifestyle and wellness journey from there. The real payoff is the valuable information you are receiving your test strips that you may use daily, weekly, or monthly to understand how easy it is to take control of your wellbeing. 

Vessel uses their home brood system called the 'Wellness Continuum,' which helps give the user the ability to not just focus on what more healthcare systems do, which is strictly poor health and disease states, but for proactive measures to feel better for someone who is already healthy. Their approach goes as followed. 

How it works

Scan: Users can check their health by urinating on the stick and wait two minutes to have the stick activate; scan with the application to see your levels. 

Learn: Vessel uses essential health metrics from hydration to nutrition to help make you feel, perform and look better by helping you get rid of toxins and stress. 

Food: If you do not like supplements, then Vessel gives you recipes and food options to fix your nutrient deficiencies. The application even allows you to pick your food and have it delivered by Amazon within a couple of hours to your door. 

Supplements: If you feel your diet is good and you aren't one to change it up, then no problem. You can order Vessel capsules personalized to give you precisely what your body needs and nothing you don't - daily. 

Lifestyle: I love this about Vessel. I am not one to do much with my lifestyle with it comes to routine exercise. The application gives you options to stay hydrated and reduce stress. The application will provide you with precisely the right amount of water to drink and even help with your cortisol levels. 

Plan: Vessel's wellness plan can fix every result. You can build your plan, set reminders, and even ask for additional guidance and have questions answered by a nutritionist for up to $3/minute or pay increments of $25.00 per 15 minutes. "We broke it up in these affordable time frames and cost structures that could give anyone access to a nutritionist via telehealth form, and we vent them ourselves, just schedule, go in the app, and you're done. Some people like to use Vessel just for that.". 

Improve: As Carder said to me, "you can now reap your rewards." You can watch your levels improve to look, perform and feel your best. 

Vessel Health provides users many options for a membership that range between receiving test strips each day, week, month, and year, which you can view here. 

Carder mentioned on this topic that Vessel is trying to make it as easy as possible to track their health and wellness. "It's ten different health metrics, for 10 minutes for $10.00. This is the quick and easy way to describe the companies promise to you". All you need to do is check it out, build a plan, check your health and make it happen. "I feel it is going to be eye-opening for so many people on how they think they are feeling good but how much better they could feel if the data execute their plan and reap the rewards of that." and Carder couldn't be righter. My expectations and experience have been met higher than I anticipated and with such precision. 

Vessel fuel 

This must be one of the most incredible things about Vessel. Vessel tells you precisely the number of nutrient deficiencies you have and the number of nutrients your body needs after testing yourself. For example, you might need 65mg of Vitamin C that your body must absorb daily to be in the optimal range for one to two weeks. Someone else you know might need 143mg instead. “Each of our bodies is different, and we each need different amounts because of our deficiency levels. So, once it tells you much you need, it makes it hard to go to Amazon or a local grocery store to get 65 mg [in a capsule]. You are going to find 1000mg of Vitamin C is being urinated out because your body doesn’t need the extra amount, so you will end up having bright yellow urine.”. The beauty of Vessel Fuel is that they take your exact formula of what you’re missing and put that into a powder form and capsule that you take one to four times per day, depending on your results. “The reason why we built Vessel Fuel is that we aren’t a supplement company. At our core, we are a lab in your hand, but we want to help you fix the issues, but it is tough to go out and buy such small intakes of supplements. We had to build Vessel Fuel to make it easy as possible to fill in their deficiencies without loading up their body without a whole lot of supplements that they don’t need.” said Carder. All I can say to that Vessel is already disrupting the industry and, without a doubt, will be a game-changer for everyone who uses them. 

Additionally, Vessel Fuel doesn’t require any commitment. It costs $40/month per bottle. Before I continue, I want to know that many of these vitamins cost anywhere between $7-$40 per bottle for one kind of vitamin. This feels like a steal to me, which I am already using. You can cancel at any time, and each time you use your stick, it updates the formula to the correct amounts into their system to give your next bottle the right amount that your body needs without you having to do anything else. 

Just continue to urinate on a stick. Again, if you do not prefer to use capsules, Vessel gives you countless inexpensive food options to eat to meet your daily vitamins. “This is all your daily portions. You want to add those to your list and watch as it fills the progress bar, and it will follow you. You can snack or make recipes, or use capsules. The important thing to note for food is that if you stick to that change in your diet, you should see your optimal levels within 1-2 weeks. If you do supplements, it will take 2-3 weeks with supplements, but it is easier. That three weeks, if you stick with it, then you should start to feel quite a bit better, which is the magic of Vessel.” said Carder.

My Results 

After finding out my results, I had the ability after my test to pick a plan, which consisted of various things to do since my cortisol levels were high and my magnesium levels were low. I drink water like a fish, so it didn't surprise me that my Hydration was high. For my cortisol levels to be reduced, "3 forty-five-minute sessions each week of cardio' and 'a nighttime routine,' among others, would suffice, but I chose those two as my primary options, which both were a game-changer. This doesn't surprise me since I am constantly stressed out. I had to set reminders for everything, or I wouldn't remember to do them. Now I love reading every night before bed. Each example gives the user an in-depth and a variety of ways to reduce their stress levels, eat the right foods and add these to my plans. The application's advice provided me with ways to help me fall asleep when I couldn't shut off my brain every night. The suggestions for my 'nighttime routine' among everything ranging from my daily vitamin level intake with supplements and food choices were all backed by science. "In the plan list in the app, results, and plan. The plan is where you see all the items in your plan, like nighttime routine, and you click on that, and you'll see a whole nighttime instruction on how to do a nighttime routine, which our doctors wrote Nutritionist. In total, they have references over 350 scientific studies to get those recommendations the way that they are." said Carder. 

Like most of us do, we end up going to the local pharmacy to pick up supplements that have too many milligrams than we need. Most of that washes away out of our system and isn't used. My magnesium levels played a large part in my daily energy levels. I would constantly have to take naps after just working 3-4 hours. I chose to eat 23 almonds per day, which was my recommended amount, to see how I feel. Within just days, I felt less tired and felt my health improving. This means you can truly see how your body reacts to the slightest change from the healthy and unhealthy behavior you do to your body, not just to feel but know the difference. Carder goes on to continue, "The third-party we worked with ran a clinical trial that you would submit to the FDA. When we ran all those tests, they test synthetic urine with exactly 100mg of vitamin-c and then dip our test card into it and take photos in lots of different lighting to see how many times it matches 100mg of Vitamin-C, so that is what FDA requires. The most important part is that our test came out just as accurate as the FDA-approved devices. We don't need FDA approval because we are a wellness product, but we hold ourselves to that gold standard because we want this to be incredibly accurate.".  

As for my final results, I will update the article once I have updated my plan and Vessel stick to reflect my results. 

COVID-19 and FDA 

Last but not least, Vessel Health has finished the clinical trials on Covid-19 antibody testing and has developed test cards. Vessel wanted to jump in and help in the pandemic, and they worked on it and figured it out. The ability to test blood at home opens many windows for Vessel users. This is because you can try it at home without a medical professional, which is a beautiful thing. After all, you reduce the burden on a professional, a facility, and everyone stays safe, and the tests can be done entirely at home. Vessel found a nice lancet to prick yourself with, and all the equipment is easy to use. Ultimately it is simple and doable. At this point, it's an app and test kit materials. "We can work with any antibody test and work with any antigen test. Now any of these tests that are approved by the FDA, which we are preparing to submit to the FDA right now, it will get it done and love to see the FDA approve them to test themselves at home." So, at this point, I am assuming it has been submitted and pending approval. The entire test only takes 12.5 minutes from start to finish to get accurate results. "It's pretty rad," said Jon laughing. 

Wrapping up

While Vessel does not focus on diabetes, cholesterol, and other chronic diseases, it is in the process of getting there. My experience with using Vessel the past month has been a game-changer. My fatigue has dramatically diminished. My overall energy and performance have improved with the ability to begin eating better and thinking more clearly. My life has changed for the better within the last couple of months, and I feel I can finally relieve the anxiety that nothing terminally is wrong with me but poor diet and vitamin deficiencies that are now being optimized and balanced. I highly recommend Vessel to anyone looking to begin their health journey because it is the perfect start and affordable, and easy to maintain. With just a touch of a button, you can speak to a nutrient specialist that will help plan with you, give you feedback, and answer questions without breaking the bank. 

The test strip and application are accessible, user-friendly, straightforward, and modern, given the extensive information they provide their user base. The instantaneous and accurate results are what does it for me. There are countless recommendations and links to articles and clinical trials backed by science to back up their claims. If you decide to choose the food options than the supplements, I feel there is an extensive amount of options that I will assume will grow more each week or month. Companies like Vessel Health are needed today, and I would like to see the company succeed with the data they have to offer, which could be invaluable. 

Vessel Health currently sells each Vessel stick for $12.50. There are daily, weekly, monthly and yearly deals on their website that you can find here. Additionally, you can purchase Vessel Fuel in the application for $40/month per bottle. I will be the following Vessel with great interest. 

"You always know at Vessel that we aren't going to show you your results; we are going to show you how to fix them. We are going to improve it as easy and affordable. Rather it is with Vessel Fuel or connecting to the right people in the privacy of your home. It is better to know and improve than never know." Said Carder.  

Disclaimer: I would advise speaking and checking with your doctor before starting a new regiment like Vessel Health. 

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