Special Guests!

By Patrick Moorhead - December 13, 2023

The Six Five team welcomes Special Guests!

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Daniel Newman: Qne of the things we’ve been trying to do over the last several weeks has been starting to introduce new talent, and the Six Five does have a new crew for part of the live. Two of the newest talents that are going to be joining the show include two people that we announced.

One, Lisa Martin we acquired at The Futurum Group, LuccaZara, marketing advisory to the tech industry, but also just terrific personality that’s been doing media and technology analysis for some time. And so Lisa is going to join us, and then Futurum announced it’s new Chief Research Officer, Dave Nicholson, but also Dave is going to be joining really to lead a lot of our outbound communication as part of our Six Five LIVE crew. Pat, without further ado, why don’t we bring Dave and Lisa onto the show?

Patrick Moorhead: Boom. Okay, that was good. Who is ever back in the control room, I appreciate bringing this in. No, great to see y’all. Maybe a good place to start is talk about what you… Well, Dan kind of talked about what you did in the past, talk about what you’re doing at Futurum right now. But anyways, welcome to the show and it’s going to be great working together on the Six Five. We did a little bit of pre-gaming last week, which was a lot of fun eating sushi around the fire, and we told some stories around the fire too. But anyways, it’s really a privilege for me to work with the two of you. I’ve read your stuff, I’ve watched your stuff and I’m just super excited about what the future holds.

Daniel Newman: Why don’t we quickly give you guys each a chance to do the intro. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Us. I know about you. Tell our Six Five audience about yourself and let’s do ladies first. Lisa, give us the background and maybe tell us why you’re super excited about what you’re going to be doing here at Six Five on the Six Five LIVE team and in Futurum. Oh, no.

Patrick Moorhead: Did I mute I mute it?

Dave Nicholson: Muted her.

Lisa Martin: Oh, hey. Now I’m here… I love telling stories. No worries. That’s control room pad.

Patrick Moorhead: That control room. I know.

Daniel Newman: I see it on TMBC. It’s okay. It happens here.

Lisa Martin: Okay, good. Well, we’re at that same level at the Six Five. My cheeks have been hurting from smiling all week since the news dropped on Monday. I couldn’t be more excited to be joining The Futurum Group and one of the hosts of the new Six Five LIVE program. I’ve been a storyteller for a very long time, didn’t realize it. I helped launch biological payloads on the NASA space shuttle, really helping to take very esoteric data and tell stories with it that are compelling and that makes sense.

Patrick Moorhead: Wait, wait. Sorry. Did you say NASA?

Lisa Martin: Yes I did. I was a NASA payload scientist after getting my master’s in molecular biology and telling stories there as well in the life sciences field.

Daniel Newman: Pat, unstick your face. You look ridiculous.

Patrick Moorhead: No, I’m just like, she had me in NASA. And I had read about it, but I’ve never really heard the story behind it.

Lisa Martin: I was managing biological payloads that flew on the space shuttle really looking at physiological changes to the body, to the heart, to proteins in the brain, to bacteria that are found in sterile water. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, that went aboard the space shuttle because it grows in sterile water. We were looking at the effects of microgravity on different physiological and microbial specimens and really helping astronauts have a better experience when they’re in space and when they get back. That was the start of my career after school.

Patrick Moorhead: Appreciate that. And we go to Dave.

Daniel Newman: How do you compete with that, Dave? How do you do that?

Dave Nicholson: I saw Star Wars 27 times, I believe. But on a semi-serious note, but really actually very serious because I can’t get it out of my mind, there’s a concept when driving on racetracks and they refer to it in terms of the number of tenths that you seek to achieve. Ten tenths is you got a good chance of dying when you’re driving. Why don’t you guys keep it under, say, six tenths today?

Daniel Newman: Don’t get in the car together.

Dave Nicholson: We do not need to see any headlines from COTA.

Daniel Newman: Will I go down as a Paul Walker? I mean, I’m good-looking.

Dave Nicholson: Don’t, don’t, don’t.

Patrick Moorhead: Dave, I want to avert everybody’s fears in that the max speed I’ve ever gotten to at COTA is 172 on a straightway.

Dave Nicholson: It’s the turns I’m worried about, Patrick.

Patrick Moorhead: I got you. That straightaway though, you’re looking right into basically a brick wall, but no. And brakes, we churn through more brakes than fuel, but no, I appreciate that. Let’s not do that, Dan.

Dave Nicholson: I’ve had a long career in tech working on what I would refer to loosely as the vendor side of the table as opposed to the customer side of the table. Since the age of 5, 30 years ago, I started my career working for some of the biggest tech companies and really a lot of the best of my experience has come from those business meetings; Those real sales calls, if you will, where you’re interacting with people whose careers could be destroyed if they make the wrong decision. So, gained a lot of insights over the years there that gave me an opportunity to join the team at Wharton, specifically in their CTO Academy and their digital transformation for Senior Executives Academy. I serve in a position that’s referred to as Success Coach. You could think of it as sort of a assistant to the professor’s, bringer of actual real live experience to the academic mix.

I’m joining as Chief Research Officer. I guess the thing I’m most excited about frankly is I see all of the combination of our analysts, research labs. All of that for me is like an endless buffet of knowledge. And especially at this unique time in history, it’s absolutely a thrill to be here. Just to riff on the motor sports theme, Dan knows that I’m a big Formula 1 fan. In a Formula 1 race when something traumatic happens, a pace car can enter the track and the pace car resets the entire field. It doesn’t matter how far ahead one car is over the rest of the pack, the pack bunches up and there’s a restart.

In my mind, that’s what AI represents today. And so I’m talking to my students and folks in the IT community and the things we’re talking about today didn’t exist six months ago. All of us together here on the Six Five side, on the TFG side, on the Six Five LIVE side, we have this opportunity to listen to the restart, look for the restart flag, just like some of the much larger folks in this business. That’s what’s really, really exciting for me. With Lisa, I’ll be one of the hosts of Six Five LIVE. So, yeah. Super exciting.

Daniel Newman: Listen, I just want to say we’re thrilled to have you both with us. We really can’t wait to see us get this product off the ground. Plan is CES 2023 we’re going to have a buffet of contents and-

Patrick Moorhead: ’24.

Daniel Newman: I keep saying ’23. I do not want to let this year go. We’re going to rewind it and we’re going to add live elements to every event we did. No. Thank you. Good. Thanks for making sure to correct me. It’s important everybody out there corrects me when I’m wrong. It’s also important to note that I will be endlessly making victory laps every time that I’m right.

Patrick Moorhead: Always

Daniel Newman: We keep it all on balance. But Dave, Lisa, we love having you in the family. We love having you on the team as champions of what we are trying to do. Yes, couldn’t agree more, AI is changing everything and this deal, this week, this news will change everything about our trajectory together. Look forward to having you back on the show sometime soon. Lisa, enjoy New York. Dave, go back to bed, it’s early where you are. We’ll see you guys really soon.

Patrick Moorhead: Thanks, everybody.

Lisa Martin: Thanks, guys.

Patrick Moorhead: Looking forward to it. Bye-Bye.

Lisa Martin: Me, too. Bye.

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