Qualcomm Wins First All-Electric Cadillac SUV Design

By Patrick Moorhead - August 14, 2023

The Six Five team discusses Qualcomm’s wins of the first all-electric Cadillac SUV design.

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Daniel Newman: Cadillac announces an all electric Escalade IQ looks pretty freaking cool and it’s powered by none other than the Snapdragon digital chassis, Pat. Look, Qualcomm’s had a bit of a shaky couple quarters because of the inventory, because of softer Android numbers, but this is the part of their business that is absolutely ripping, rocking and rolling as a $30 billion pipeline for their automotive design and their partnerships with GM, BMW to really help power these companies in their next generation.

We’ve seen Tesla take off, but electrification outside of Tesla has not really gone as quickly or as excitedly as the other. So Pat, this car looks gorgeous. It’s another example.

Patrick Moorhead: It really does.

Daniel Newman: Really does. I am super stoked. I might even get to see one when I go to the mobility show, but if not, I’ll definitely see one I think when we go to CES. So we’re going to look at that. But Pat, this is a quick hit. It’s just one more win, one more snack Dragon Cockpit platform. Look, that company went from zero to hero in the automotive space. They were not there. NVIDIA was all the rage. This is where Qualcomm has been crushing it. If they can do this in other parts of their business, like PCs, they have a pretty exciting story ahead, Pat. I don’t know, I know we got to run a quick add-on here.

Patrick Moorhead: Yeah, just this was a trifecta win, right? Its cockpit has 5G connectivity and ADAS, which has a lot of content in that car. Also add, my apologies if you said this, this is Cadillac’s first all electric SUV out there. It looks pretty good and it’s funny. I went back and I looked at a video I had posted back in December of 2021 where they were on stage giving a precursor and I love connecting the dots between the big win and the fanfare and then the cookie crumbs that go into that.

Daniel Newman: I just want a Six Five voiceover on the infotainment systems when you’re like, turn left ahead and it’s Pat’s going to be. Well, I believe that left could be the right turn, but it’s going to give you the analyst viewpoint. It’s like an analyst’s reply. But I’m going to tell you, if you make three rights, you might get there faster.

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