Oracle Cloud Joins VMware Cloud Universal Program

By Patrick Moorhead - August 30, 2023

The Six Five Team discusses Oracle Cloud joining the VMware Cloud Universal Program.

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Patrick Moorhead: What is the VMware Cloud Universal Program? The program essentially, it’s a subscription program, i.e., as a service that you can purchase credits and be used everywhere across VMware’s multi-cloud portfolio. That includes all their multi-cloud services, but also aligns with AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. Now Google, sorry, Oracle Cloud, OCI is part of the action now. So, you can subscribe to Oracle Cloud VMware solutions as part of VMware Cloud Universal. So, it allows on-prem customers to migrate right on-prem VMware into the cloud, essentially using existing skills, best practices tools.

Think of companies like FedRAMP where this would be a giant, there’s different classes and I think this meets Class A of FedRAMP for compliance purposes. But Oracle to their credit, rolled out a bunch of customers, Cybereason, Atos, Telefonica, TIM, AYA Bank, San Jose Water, Maxim’s, Prophecy international. These folks cover finance, telco, retail manufacturing government who have gone all in on Oracle cloud VMware solutions. Big picture, net-net this is my bow here. This is yet another proof point that OCI Oracle Cloud competes in the big leagues with the IS folks, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. That’s it, that’s all I got Dan. You sleeping? You do an email?

Daniel Newman: Oh no. It’s just I’m so used to you droning on for eight to 10 minutes on a topic that when you hammer something out this quick, I’m completely at a loss. So, look, we’ve talked quite a bit about this, about Oracle and Oracle’s getting in the game. They’re getting into the game with the right technology on the right platforms and they’ve continued to impress in that way. It’s Oracle plus VMware, it’s scalability performance. It’s basically giving the right good levels of control planes and it’s giving the people that are, remember Pat, Oracle is the fastest growing cloud right now. I know, hold on, everybody, stay with me.

It’s the fastest growing cloud right now. Now, a lot of large numbers, it’s not the fastest growing by total amount of revenue growth, but it is by a percentage basis the fastest growing cloud. It’s seen a few very, very good quarters. But the one thing that Oracle, while they’ve really shored up their capabilities Pat, is always going to be about services. So, tying into VMware is going to be important to it.

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