Adobe Max 2023

By Patrick Moorhead - October 16, 2023

The Six Five Team discusses Adobe Max 2023.

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Patrick Moorhead: When you’re a large company with a lot of history and big business, the way you get taken down is with a startup. A series of self-inflicted wounds, the inability to have organic innovation, and here we go. Adobe is clearly showing here with generative AI that they are on the move. Y’all might remember their first generation of technology that came out called Firefly and Firefly was a way to get in there. And Adobe MAX, what they did is they integrated Firefly type technologies into basically their entire Creative Cloud where it was standalone before, now it’s integrated in. The one feature that blew me away that was new, actually, there were two, first of all, brand new Firefly image models that we saw with DALL-E two to DALL-E three made images just look incredible.

And oh by the way, it comes from content that you’re not going to get sued over if you’re an artist and you use it. The second feature that just blew me away was, with Firefly, you used to, well not used to, you go in on an image and say, remove the background and replace it with a sunset, when you go in and do that. Now you can do that for videos and that is absolutely mind-blowing. And you could do this as an artist, but you couldn’t do it auto-magically with a prompt. So Adobe is on the move just showing their incredible amount of organic innovation.

Daniel Newman: So Pat, there was probably a dozen, maybe even more different announcements. I think I read there was like 12 AI announcements. I thought they had pretty-

Patrick Moorhead: Like ten Press Releases.

Daniel Newman: Yeah, there’s so many. I liked some of this stuff with the clothing. I can’t wait to be able to try on my vests and then have it auto-magically tell me how good I’m going to look with a certain vest shirt combo so I don’t have to keep trying them on every day. Guys-

Patrick Moorhead: Where’s your bestie vesty, dude?

Daniel Newman: This look doesn’t come naturally. I just want people to know this. I mean, this is a lot of work that goes into this, but also I thought they had a couple of really good… MAX is the creative thing. And Pat, you and I, this is something we personally are passionate about. So just a couple of things I guess I’ll point out is, I thought some of the starts, what they’re doing with Stardust and See Through were pretty interesting to me. Probably most valuable to me is how See Through could be applied to video for us because the reflections, there’s nothing that drives me more crazy than when I can’t get rid of reflections with lighting. So, the fact that they can really up level and upscale. And then they had some definite important resolution boosters for video and that was also pretty cool.

So, kind of the way generative AI can be applied, Pat, to make our video better is something I think about because think about today, you’re traveling, you don’t have all your best equipment, you’re in a place, how can you optimize your environment? And so often, by the way, when we have guests, their best environment isn’t good enough for us. So, lots of that kind of technology, I thought they leaned into that at MAX. I’m excited about how it can help boost the Six Five and all these weekly shows that we do. But I also do love some of this stuff, the doodles to art and all that kind of, but like I said, I’ll talk to the creatives to see what they say.

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