The Impact of Being PSA Certified in the IoT Security Market

By Patrick Moorhead - October 2, 2020

On this episode of The Six Five – Insiders Edition Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman are joined by Rene Haas who is President, Intellectual Property Group (IPG) at Arm. He is responsible for all IPG activities including product development, engineering, sales, marketing, and commercial operations — a huge undertaking for this burgeoning company. 

President Arm IP Products Group Rene Haas

The conversation covered several aspects of digital transformation in the IoT industry including changes that companies are making as a result, along with Arm’s role and commitment to security across the market. They also dove into the importance of being PSA Certified — a standardized framework for securing connected devices — and what that means in the marketplace. 

The Impact of Being PSA Certified

The conversation with Rene also revolved around the following:

  • Why security is fundamental in the IoT industry and what is driving IoT security today.
  • How IoT security impacts all parts of the industry — consumers, OEMs, the software ecosystem and SIPs all feel the impact of security in some way. 
  • The role Arm plays in helping clients navigate the tricky IoT security market including how Arm’s DevSummit is helping solve the challenges that these clients face.
  • A deeper understanding of what it means to be PSA Certified, how it is driving industry collaboration around IoT, and why it’s a unique framework. 

Understanding PSA Certified 

IoT devices are commonly used access points to attack a network and the impact of these increasingly common hacks is felt throughout an organization from ruined reputations to productivity losses and ultimately financial strain. Developing devices with security built-in, is a game changer for consumers, OEMs, and anyone who employs IoT devices. PSA Certified establishes a standardized security framework to be used during the product development process that allows companies to get to market faster — the ultimate goal in digital transformation.

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