Robert Kramer

VP & Principal Analyst
Enterprise Data, ERP, SCM
Atos, Magnit Global, BKD/Forvis

Robert Kramer is vice president and principal analyst covering enterprise data and ERP, including data management, databases, data lakes, data observability, data analytics, and data protection. Robert has over 30 years of proven experience with startups, IT companies, global marketing, detailed strategies, business modeling, and planning, working with enterprise companies, GTM assets, management, and execution.

Robert brings decades of relevant experience to MI&S, having been a global marketing and enterprise data reporting executive for multiple solutions across several industries. Robert’s areas of expertise include ERP, SaaS, CRM, decarbonization, cloud, data protection, cybersecurity, enterprise data, extensive data analytics analysis, and smart platforms. His experience spans manufacturing, finance, healthcare, transportation, academics, and retail industries. Robert’s distinctive knowledge and skillset will contribute by bringing his analytical perspective on the enterprise data ‘swim lane’ for MI&S.

Before joining MI&S, Robert worked at Atos as a global head of marketing and at Magnit Global as a global director of product marketing, leveraging his select programs to bring innovative technologies to the marketplace. Robert has extensive experience in analyst and advisory diligence, developing programs to benefit multiple stakeholders.

Robert has an MBA in International Marketing and International Studies from Richmond College in London. He brings profound experiences that include managing disparate teams, owning businesses, and operations, including complete business plans, corporate development, vendor management, marketing, and business strategies. Robert is a business and marketing professor at Lindenwood University in St. Louis, Missouri. He lectures on digital marketing, marketing strategies, marketing research, consumer behavior, pricing, advertising, and business analytics.

Robert is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Outside work, he enjoys being at the beach, paddle boarding, kayaking, cooking, traveling, and snow skiing.

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