Paul Smith-Goodson

VP & Principal Analyst
Quantum, AI frameworks/models/tools, HPC
AT&T, CompuServe Advanced Network Services, MCI WorldCom, Bell Labs

Paul Smith-Goodson is the Moor Insights & Strategy Vice President and Principal Analyst for quantum computing and artificial intelligence frameworks, models, and tools.  His early interest in quantum began while working on a joint AT&T and Bell Labs project and, during 360 overviews of Murray Hill advanced projects, Peter Shor provided an overview of his ground-breaking research in quantum error correction. 

Because of wide-ranging interests, his technical knowledge spans subjects that also include e-commerce, IoT, data communications, call center analytics, search engine optimization, space weather, GPS, and high frequency radio.

Most recently, Paul was a co-founder and Senior Vice President of Technology for HySky Technologies, Inc., a one-of-a-kind nationwide, low-power HF digital data network.  HySky predicts around-the-clock propagating frequencies for HF radio using a a proprietary waveform for frequency hopping transmissions that are indistinguishable from natural static crashes.  Paul holds patents on HF radio frequency management, geo-location, and HF antennas. He is currently developing a machine learning model to predict ionospheric propagation of HF signals.

Paul previously worked for AT&T, Compuserve, and Worldcom where he held various positions in global operations, sales, marketing, data engineering, international network strategy, and strategic acquisitions.

His hobbies include chess, astronomy, and amateur radio.

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