Melody Brue

VP & Principal Analyst
Modern Work, HRM/HCM, Fintech, ProWallet, MSLGroup

Mel Brue is vice president and principal analyst covering modern work, HRM, HCM, and financial services. Mel has more than 25 years of real tech industry experience in marketing, business development, and communications across various disciplines, both in-house and at agencies, with companies ranging from start-ups to global brands. She has built a unique specialty working in technology and highly regulated spaces, such as mobile payments and finance, gaming, automotive, wine and spirits, and mobile content, ensuring initiatives address the needs of customers, employees, lobbyists, and legislators, as well as shareholders. 

Brue joined MI&S in 2020 as a Fintech analyst and quickly showed her capabilities spanned into other verticals.  As the industry needs became increasingly evident, Mel took on the modern work “swimlane” in 2022. As with all MI&S analysts, Mel is no armchair thinker but a true operator with decades of experience in workplace issues and the technologies that affect them. 

Mel has her finger on the pulse of collaboration, CX, productivity tools, low and no-code solutions, and other workforce trends related to productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness across multiple verticals. 

Before joining MI&S in 2020, Brue was chief marketing officer at Her focus was marketing, investor relations, corporate communications, and brand development, working as a liaison between all contributing departments and agencies. As a vital member of the company’s leadership team, Mel managed a $16M per year advertising budget as the company grew revenue at a CAGR of 279% from 2016-2019. 

Brue has spent many years in the financial tech arena, dating back to the early days of NFC and QR code transactions with Visa and Qualcomm and mobile transactions at the point of sale. Mel headed up sales and marketing for Envizio, a mobile redemption solution for POS, and she was a part of the Transaction Wireless team that was eventually acquired by First Data. Brue was also a founding team member and advisor to ProWallet, a mobile payment solution for the construction industry. She was an early advisor to FlashCourse: Learn to Invest App, BAX Investor Relations, Manhattan Street Capital, and Founders First Capital Partners, among others.  

In her philanthropic endeavors, Mel currently serves as President of the Young Men’s Service League Lake Travis chapter. She participates in the UN Global Compact SDG initiatives and previously sat on the Executive Board for the Solana Beach Foundation for Learning and Young Life Rancho Del Sol. She served as a Chairperson for Cool Globes Public Art Exhibit’s San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles installments and has been recognized by the NFL and Pop Warner for fostering youth sports. 

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