Jason Andersen

VP & Principal Analyst
Application Platforms, Dev/Ops, Operating Systems
Stratus, Red Hat, IBM

Jason Andersen is vice president and principal analyst covering application development platforms, technologies, and services. Jason brings over 25 years of experience in product management, product marketing, corporate strategy, sales, and business development from Red Hat, IBM, and Stratus to bring to MI&S and its advisory clients. Working both in the field and in the headquarters of some of the most innovative technology companies, Jason has a wealth of experience in building great products and driving their adoption across a broad spectrum of industries and use cases.

Most recently, Jason was responsible for strategy and product line management at Stratus and led their transition from a boutique systems builder into a leading-edge computing company. This transformation was enabled by bringing multiple software products to market including an industrial edge specific Linux distribution and a cloud management platform for the telecommunications sector. Additionally, Jason instituted a series of analytics practices to target and nurture market partnerships in the emerging IoT and IIoT space with industrial software vendors such as Aveva. During this time, Jason was a sought-after leader at Edge Computing and helped shape the market from its earliest stages.

Prior to Stratus, Jason spent over 15 years in the application platform space with Red Hat and IBM. As a product leader Jason had responsibility for a range of enterprise developer products including technologies that are the forerunners to today’s low code and no code platforms.

Outside of his work at MI&S, Jason mentors and coaches product managers and product marketers on how to develop their skills and careers. He is also a senior advisor to two strategy and consulting firms and guest lecturer at the University of Massachusetts.

Jason has a B.S in MIS from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and has completed multiple advanced courses of study at Babson and MIT. He loves to travel, cook, and ride his bicycle when he can get away from his home office in Massachusetts.

Recent Research

By Dana Reeves - April 26, 2024