Anshel Sag

VP & Principal Analyst
AR/VR/XR, 5G Mobility, PCs, Smartphones, Graphics
Anshel Sag is Moor Insights & Strategy’s in-house millennial with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. Anshel has had extensive experience working with consumers and enterprises while interfacing with both B2B and B2C relationships, gaining empathy and understanding of what users really want. Some of his earliest experience goes back as far as his childhood when he started PC gaming at the ripe of old age of 5 while building his first PC at 11 and learning his first programming languages at 13. At Moor Insights & Strategy, Anshel started the company’s XR and spatial computing practice and has been covering the space since 2013, pre-dating his joining the firm. Anshel is one of the industry’s major thought leaders and has extensive experience speaking publicly on the XR space with prolific research, whitepapers and speaking engagements on the topic, including a personal lifetime goal of moderating a Comic-Con panel on VR. He is also among the most quoted analysts in the XR industry, with numerous quotes in some of the largest publications in the world. Anshel also helped form the company’s 5G practice, which includes the G2 on 5G Podcast which he records weekly with his colleague Will Townsend and distributes across all major podcasting platforms. Anshel also has extensive experience in the smartphone and PC spaces as he is regularly quoted on both subjects and has numerous research pieces in both spaces. Anshel’s first technology employment came as an electronics prototype technician and IT support technician at the age of 17 at Clarity Design in San Diego. While doing that, he also worked as a contract technical support agent and community forum moderator for EVGA. Following his tenure at EVGA and Clarity Design, he moved on to co-found a once top technology news, analysis and review publication in the U.S. eventually reaching the status of Editor in Chief. Anshel’s strengths involve the ability to not only identify and understand new trends in the consumer and enterprise industries, but to also identify how they can be utilized by companies in the IT industry. He is positioned well to explain why certain trends occur from the consumer perspective as well as understand the technical details behind them. He can regularly be found carrying around at least three or four of the latest smartphones, wearables, and PCs at any given moment and is always trying to feel the pulse of the entire industry from the Metaverse and XR to high-end gaming PCs and new 5G devices. Anshel’s quotes can be found in publications ranging from The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, NPR, Bloomberg, AP, Reuters, Wired, MarketWatch, CNN, Fox Business, CNET, The Verge, Engadget, PCMag, The Globe and Mail, Forbes. Popular Mechanics and many others both online and in print. Anshel is regularly ranked among the top 100 analysts in ARInsights’ Top 100 analysts.

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