Highlights From MI&S Analysts At #SC16

High performance computing (HPC) is no longer the exclusive club for universities and national labs, it has extended to drug manufacturers, automakers, and now unadjustednonraw_thumb_3bf6even the cloud giants like Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon AWS are getting into the action. The one show where everyone gets together to show off their HPC wares and research research is at a show aptly called Super Computing. The Moor Insights & Strategy analyst team was in full force for the latest Super Computing 16 event known in short as SC16. The conference was held in Salt Lake City, Utah and Karl Freund and Jimmy Pike were on-site. We created a lot of content and I wanted to share that here in hopes that you will get a better view of what happened, didn’t happen there. As Intel’s AI (artificial intelligence) event was held right after SC16 and much of the SC16 content was AI, I have included that below.