Samsung’s New Note8 Enterprise Edition Puts Laser Focus On The Business User

By Patrick Moorhead - November 1, 2017
Samsung Note8 Enterprise Edition core value proposition Samsung has long put their best foot forward when it comes to addressing business users, especially when it comes to the Note line of products. That was expected to culminate with the Note7 but instead was delayed until the Note8 with a slight business focus on the S8. The Note8 Enterprise Edition is the company’s own acknowledgment that enterprises and their users have a different set of needs than the typical consumer. Because the Note series is focused on productivity and creativity, it is a natural fit to have a special Enterprise Edition that caters to business even more than the retail device. What's similar to the existing Note8 The Note8 Enterprise Edition has many similarities to its consumer version- both deliver the pinnacle of what Samsung has to offer in a smartphone with the same physical hardware including the edge to edge OLED display, biometric iris recognition, dual camera OIS (optical image stabilization) and S Pen stylus. You can find my Note8 review here where I said the Note8 is the "best business phone you can buy". Both Note8 versions also get up-to-date monthly security patches for 3 years and have 2 years of purchase assurance from initial device availability. Both devices are also designed to be highly secure with ‘defense-grade’ Knox security both in hardware and software that help ensure that users and businesses alike feel protected. EE focuses on consistency, reliability, and manageability  Many of the new capabilities of the Note8 Enterprise Edition are designed to deliver a more consistent and reliable user experience and manageability across the business. The Note8 Enterprise Edition has a streamlined remote device provisioning, configuration and customization capabilities with Knox Configure. This allows for easier and more secure deployment of Note8 devices without having to spend vast amounts of time on-site setting up each individual device. To accelerate this process, Samsung is also offering Samsung Enterprise FOTA (Firmware Over the Air) support to the Note8 Enterprise Edition, which allows an enterprise to centrally control the operating system and software update versions and schedules. This allows an enterprise to decide when their devices get upgraded and to properly test these updates with their software before they push an update, reducing the potential for downtime. This is just like PCs and IT likes this- a lot.
Unlocked so use with any carrier
Samsung is also making the Note8 Enterprise Edition an unlocked device, which means that there aren’t different software versions between carriers. Even if an enterprise deploys multiple cellular carriers within their organization, they don’t have to worry about different software updates or versions. With a unified single software version, all Note8 Enterprise Edition devices will work on all cellular networks without any carrier bloatware or potential unwanted 3rdparty software. Because of this simplicity and unified experience across all Note8 Enterprise Editions, Samsung can also offer their channel partners more opportunities to differentiate themselves with custom security and tailored packages for their enterprise customers. In terms of availability, Samsung says that the Note8 Enterprise Edition is available right now through authorized Samsung channel partners at a price of $994, slightly higher than the $950-$960 for the consumer version (depending on carrier). Wrapping up While the Note8 Enterprise Edition is likely physically indiscernible from the consumer version, it offers better security and manageability for enterprises looking for a real business-class device. Samsung’s increased manageability and uniform software and carrier support allow for a more consistent experience and management environment. By simplifying the Note8 experience and making it more enterprise-friendly than it already was, Samsung has truly created an enterprise-class flagship phone. By bringing PC-class manageability and support to the Note8, Samsung is establishing the Note8 Enterprise Edition as the standard for smartphones in the enterprise.  
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