Samsung Announces Bespoke Edition For The Galaxy Z Flip3 And Watch4 At The Galaxy Unpacked Event Part 2

By Patrick Moorhead - November 17, 2021
Samsung Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition SAMSUNG

Last week, along with the announcement of the new Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max-based MacBooks and Google's Pixel 6 devices with its Tensor chip, Samsung held its Unpacked Part 2 event where it announced new designs of the Galaxy Z Flip3 and some of its accessories.

In my coverage of the Galaxy Event Part 1 back in August, I mentioned that I believe the Galaxy Z Flip3 is the most fashionable device on the market with its color options, pocketable size, and outside the screen. There was nothing new announced at the Galaxy Unpacked Event Part 2 in terms of devices or features. The announcements drive home this claim that I made in August and made me even more bullish on the fashionable elements. Its aggressiveness towards appealing to the youth and pop culture pokes at the monopoly that Apple has with its iPhones as the most popular and fashionable device on the market. Let's take a look at what Samsung announced at its Unpacked Event Part 2.

Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke edition

Samsung having special edition devices is nothing new. It has been releasing Thom Browne edition Galaxy devices for quite some time. However, these devices are limited editions and charged at a premium. Samsung announced the Z Flip3 Bespoke edition with customization of different colors on the top and bottom portions of the device. On Samsung's website, users can change the front and back to five different colors interchangeable between colors. Users can also change the color of the hinge and frame to either a silver or an all-black color. The choice of colors is between blue, pink, and yellow or timeless white and black. These colors are different from the Lavender, Phantom Black, and Green colors offered on the customizable version of the Galaxy Z Flip3.

he Galaxy Z Flip3 with blue on the front, pink on the bottom, and black for the frame. SAMSUNG

It is also worth noting that the Bespoke edition is not charged at a premium and is the same price as the customizable version of the device. If there is one, the kicker is that the Bespoke edition is only available on Samsung's website through the Bespoke Studio. Samsung says it is an engaging experience that provides a 360-degree view of all combinations. Samsung also says there are 49 possible combinations between the different frames and five different colors on the front and back. In my experience of using the Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Studio, it is interesting getting to play with all the different colors and combinations. It makes me want to get multiple different colors of the Galaxy Z Flip3. I find it almost hilarious about these customizations that these would be removable covers and interchangeable if it were ten years prior. It would be harder today to create removable backs for these foldable devices, especially with the IPX8 water resistance rating, but that is one of the perks of a case. 

Galaxy Watch4 Bespoke edition

Samsung also has a Bespoke Studio for the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic. Similar to the Bespoke Studio for the Galaxy Z Flip3, the Galaxy Watch4 is customizable with different colors for the frame and different colors for the device's band. There are more combinations with the Galaxy Watch4, considering there is the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic, two sizes for both of those, and then different colors of the watch's frame for each size. The Galaxy Watch4 Classic 42mm and 46mm have Silver and Black frame options. The Galaxy Watch4 44mm has Green, Black, and Silver frame color options, and the Galaxy Watch4 40mm has Black, Pink Gold, and Silver color options.

It makes sense that the Classic version has only two color options since it is the more premium of the two and the non-classic version has one extra color option per size. It also makes sense that the Pink Gold is for the smaller 40mm Galaxy Watch4 for women, and the Green is for the larger 44mm Galaxy Watch4 for men who have larger wrists. Interestingly, the Samsung did not include color options in the Galaxy Watch4 that matched the Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke color palette with blue and yellow. The reason is that the customization of the Galaxy Watch4 is with the metal, not the glass. It would be more difficult to match the colors of the glass of the ZFlip3 and the metal of the Watch4 rather than using the colors of the vanilla Galaxy Z Flip3. It also makes sense since considering the Galaxy Watch4 with the colors that Samsung chose also follow the color pallet of the Galaxy Z Fold3, hence a bigger audience for Samsung.

The Info Brick, Basic Dashboard, Weather Center, and Live Wallpaper watch faces for the Galaxy ... [+] SAMSUNG

Samsung also announced the Galaxy Watch4 updates that bring new watch faces, a new gesture control feature, and enhanced fall detection for the device. The new watch faces are four new customizable faces called the Info Brick, Basic Dashboard, Weather Center, and Live Wallpaper. Users can also have customized watch faces that are live wallpapers or pertain to Samsung Health's step challenges. Samsung has also included more gesture controls and variable sensitivity to its fall detection feature. I think these are all great incremental improvements, and I think the watch faces will be a warm complement to the new Bespoke editions of the Galaxy Z Flip3 and the Galaxy Watch4.

Maison Kitsuné Edition of the Galaxy Watch4 and Buds2

Along with the Bespoke editions of the Galaxy Z Flip3 and the Galaxy Watch4, Samsung introduced the Maison Kitsuné Edition of the Galaxy Watch4 and the Buds2. Samsung says it brings the Paris-meets-Tokyo lifestyle's playfulness into the Samsung Galaxy. The Galaxy Watch4 Maison Kitsuné Edition comes with two watch straps that feature fox-shaped buckle holes. The Galaxy Bud2 Maison Kitsuné Edition features a Fox Head Logo on the right earbud and a Fox Tail Logo on the left earbud. 

The Maison Kitsuné Edition of the Galaxy Watch4 and the Buds2 with matching watch faces and phone wallpaper. SAMSUNG

The Maison Kitsuné Edition of the Galaxy Watch4 and the Buds2 with matching watch faces and phone wallpaper. Source Samsung

Although these are not my taste in design, I think it reaches into Samsung's ability to offer fashionable devices. Samsung is consistent in releasing limited edition devices that target fashionable markets, and I think the Maison Kitsuné Edition is a nice addition.

Wrapping up

I think the Bespoke edition of the Galaxy Z Flip3 and the Galaxy Watch4 could be popular for those who buy from the Samsung website. I think Samsung is doing a good job of making devices customizable to its consumers, and this customization is not seen on other devices like the iPhone. I also think you could argue that people put cases on phones anyway, so it doesn't matter. There is some truth to that, but consumers still purchase devices based on colors. I even think that the Galaxy Z Flip is in a specific position in its design, not to need a case for durability. It's not huge and clunky when closed. For that reason, I think rocking the device without a case with customized colors brings a lot of personalization, and that is exactly what Samsung is going for.

Note: Moor Insights & Strategy co-op Jacob Freyman contributed to this article.

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