RESEARCH PAPER: The Dell EMC Networking Strategy

By John Fruehe - November 28, 2016
Dell EMC holds a substantial portion of the enterprise IT market. The combined entity has a commanding lead in enterprise storage as well as a top spot in server shipments. To bridge these two islands of technology, the company offers many connectivity options for the wide range of workloads where Dell EMC provides solutions. Dell EMC delivers its own branded high-speed Ethernet products as well as a range of fabric connectivity products including third-party Ethernet, fibre channel, InfiniBand, and OmniPath to connect compute to storage. You can download the paper here. Dell Logo

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Today’s Customer Needs
  • Dell EMC Addresses the Future of IT
  • Dell EMC Networking for Agile Companies
  • Dell EMC Engineered Systems
  • The Outlook for Networking's Future
  • Call to Action
  • Figure 1: Leaf / Spine Architecture is Flatter, More Scalable
  • Figure 2: Investment Inflection from Traditional to Cloud
  • Figure 3: Dell EMC Networking Connectivity Options
  • Figure 4: Transitioning to a Digital Transformation

Companies Cited

  • Big Switch Networks
  • Cumulus Networks
  • Dell
  • EMC
  • IP Infusion
  • Linux Foundation
  • Oracle
  • Pica8
  • Pluribus Networks
  • SAP
  • VMware
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