RESEARCH PAPER: Scaling Up To Digital Transformation

By John Fruehe - June 20, 2017
Changing business cycles are driving more uncertainty as IT grapples with digital transformation and infrastructure modernization—keeping companies relevant by building an IT infrastructure for today, which is also adaptable for the future. But existing infrastructures cannot respond well to changes in the environment, scaling poorly to meet new challenges with resources that may not be properly skilled for these new environments. New workloads and deployment methodologies have created complications as businesses attempt to establish a more scalable business architecture that can anticipate and deliver on IT needs for the future. To do this, IT needs to choose platforms that have the performance to drive today’s applications, scalability to grow seamlessly, and adaptability for future needs. This strategy empowers agility, enabling applications to respond instantly to both sustained growth and rapid spikes without significantly changing the underlying resources. Maintenance and operations costs need to be minimized on these systems that also need to be flexible enough to handle future needs. A scalable business architecture is the only way for a company to stay ahead of the curve and capture opportunity without delay. The new platform refresh cycles are underway, making it the perfect time to assess architecture needs.
You can download the paper here.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Today's Customer Needs
  • A Scalable Business Architecture Is Required
  • Performance To Drive Today's Applications
  • Scalability To Grow Seamlessly
  • Adaptability For Future Needs
  • Dell EMC's New Generation Of PowerEdge Servers
  • The MI&S View On The Market
  • Call To Action
  • Figure 1: Dell PowerEdge In The Overall Portfolio
  • Figure 2: Platforms Target IT & Digital Transformations

Companies Cited

  • AMD
  • Dell
  • Dell EMC
  • Intel
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