RESEARCH PAPER: Quantinuum Unveils Its Next Generation Quantum Computer

Quantinuum recently released its second-generation quantum computer, the System Model H2 with an advanced ion trap shaped like an oval racetrack.

Like Quantinuum’s earlier quantum computer models—the H0, H1, and H1-2—the new H2 system uses an isotope of ytterbium to create qubits for computation and barium ions for cooling. Like the previous models, it also uses a trapped-ion architecture in a quantum charged coupled device (QCCD).

In 2018, Quantinuum became the first company to use QCCD in a commercial quantum computer. Dr. David Wineland and his NIST group developed the design more than twenty years ago. In 2012, Dr. Wineland received the Nobel Prize in physics for the QCCD architecture and its ability to trap and manipulate atoms and ions efficiently.

You can download the paper by clicking on the logo below:


Table Of Contents:

  • Summary
  • Stealth Research Produces Unexpected Results
  • Benchmarking
  • Benchmarking Insights
  • Why Ion Traps With Grid Configurations Are Necessary
  • Future H2 Improvements
  • Conclusions
  • Figure 1: System Level Performance
  • Figure 2: Application Benchmarks
  • Figure 3: Components
  • Figure 4: H2 Will Explore New Level Of Quantum Advantage
  • Figure 5: Scaling High Quality Quibits
  • Figure 6: Evolving Trap Design


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