RESEARCH PAPER: Physically-Based Rendering Revolutionizes Product Development

By Jimmy Pike - February 3, 2017
During the creation of a physical product, digital assistance in the form of computer automated design software (CAD) enables fast and cost effective development. Such tools allow designers to comprehend correct form and function throughout product development. Concept drawings or renderings provide the earliest insight into the product and set overall expectations. Any difference between product concept and product reality can create problems. When real-world appearance differs from expectations, products require iteration and start life under a cloud of disappointment. Differences can result from the limited ability of tools to truly model actual behavior, the lack of complete detail captured in the digital representation, or the creation of a synthetic environment that unintentionally suspends the laws of physics. Iteration adds expense and delays revenue realization.
You can download the paper here. (Note this paper was commissioned by and hosted by NVIDIA) unnamed-3

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • The Value of Physically-Based Rendering
  • Product Development & Financial Implications
  • NVIDIA Physically-Based Rendering
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix: Hypothetical Case
  • Development Cost & Economic Impact
  • Figure 1: Unacceptable Distortion Example
  • Figure 2: Notch Experimentation
  • Figure 3: Undesirable Visible Detail
  • Figure 4: Detail Correction
  • Figure 5: Generalized Development Process
  • Figure 6: Physically-Based Rendering Examples
  • Figure 7: NVIDIA IRAY Landscape
  • Figure 8: NVIDIA IRA Scalability
  • Figure 9: NVIDIA MDL Rendering Example
  • Figure A1: Remediation
  • Figure A2: Side by Side Development Comparison
  • Figure A3: Comparative Three-Year Sales Volume
  • Table A1: Economic Outcome
  • Figure A4: Original Development Program Costs
  • Figure A5: Remedial Development Program Costs
  • Figure A6: Sales Volume Plan
  • Figure A7: Full Program Economic Analysis

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