RESEARCH PAPER: Multivendor Datacenter Supply Chain Suits Multivendor Clouds

Large service providers like Facebook and Amazon are undergoing rapid growth due to consumer adoption of mobile computing and emerging Internet of Things (IoT) devices and infrastructure. IT is at the heart of their business, and the datacenter is their factory. They are increasingly focused on total cost of ownership (TCO) which includes both the acquisition cost of their datacenter equipment and the operating cost of using this equipment during its lifetime. Most hyperscale customers historically have relied on the leading global server manufacturers (OEMs) for their server infrastructure. However, the largest of these customers now specify and buy servers directly from the Taiwanese companies (ODMs) who design and manufacture servers on the OEMs’ behalf. These ODMs have been gaining significant server market share over the last several years at the expense of traditional server brands.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Megatrends and Market Drivers
  • HP and Foxconn Partnership Overview
  • The Unveiling of HP Cloudline
  • HP Cloudline Servers
  • Cloudline Product Positioning
  • HP Cloudline Customer Success: Qihoo 360
  • Call to Action
  • Figure 1: HP and Foxconn Perceived Strengths
  • Table 1: HP Cloudline Product Portfolio Overview
  • Figure 2: HP Cloudline CL1100, CL2100, & CL2200
  • Table 2: HP Cloudline and HP ProLiant Comparison
You can download the paper here.

Companies Cited

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