RESEARCH PAPER: Moving Beyond CX to Intelligent Experience

By Patrick Moorhead - June 11, 2024

It seems commonplace to note that information technology is progressing at an accelerating rate. Yet we constantly see new innovations in areas such as cloud computing, wireless connectivity, and especially artificial intelligence that remind us of just how profound these changes are, and how quickly they keep coming. Based on what we’ve seen from successive waves of technological change — client-server architecture, the Web, social networks, ubiquitous mobile networks, cloud, and AI — we can expect even greater changes in the years to come.

Unfortunately, how we think about technology and its optimization for business has not kept up with the pace of change, to our detriment. This shortfall is costing organizations in terms of process inefficiency, capital inefficiency, customer satisfaction, lost business, and more. And these costs will only rise as technology makes even deeper inroads into our lives and organizations. This means we must reframe how we think about optimizing our use of technology.

What’s needed: a new paradigm purpose-built to keep up with technology change and the increasing expectations of customers. This paradigm must build on the best of what has come before, excel even in the most complex settings, and take advantage of — rather than being overwhelmed by — the overabundance of data that is another hallmark of technology acceleration. The way forward, already being put to work in certain markets starting with automotive repair and property and casualty insurance, is intelligent experience (IX).

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Moving Beyond CX to Intelligent Experience

Table of Contents:

  • What Brought Us This Far: UI, UX, and CX
  • How IX Works
  • Impacts of IX
  • Field Results: The Automotive P&C Insurance Economy

Companies Cited:

  • CCC Intelligent Solutions
  • Zappos
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