RESEARCH PAPER: Matter — Making Smart Homes More Secure

By Bill Curtis, Patrick Moorhead - June 9, 2023

Security and confidentiality concerns influence purchase decisions and affect brand reputations. Manufacturers must address these issues head-on by making connected devices increasingly safe, secure, and private with each new product generation.

Matter, a new smart home standard from the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), defines the next generation of consumer electronics (CE) connectivity. This new industry-standard protocol seamlessly interconnects smart home devices and applications from multiple manufacturers over networks that already exist in most homes. Backed by some of the biggest names in consumer electronics, Matter promises universal product interoperability, better user experiences, and secure, reliable connectivity. “Matter – Making Smart Homes Smarter” provides a detailed explanation of Matter — what it is, how it works, and why it’s essential to the consumer electronics industry. Matter is poised to accelerate smart home growth, but only if consumers are confident that new devices are secure and trustworthy.

Is Matter “secure enough?” In other words, are homes with a large and rapidly growing set of Matter-connected CE products more secure and private than today’s smart homes with a hodgepodge of non-interoperable connectivity schemes? To find out, we researched Matter’s security and privacy and summarized our findings in the first two sections of this paper. Because Matter security is built-in, not added-on, we then looked at the security aspects of Matter product design, manufacturing, and deployment. Finally, we evaluated the practicality of building secure Matter products within existing CE supply chains. We used NXP Semiconductor’s extensive Matter portfolio to show how Matter-enabled chips, software, and services combine to make Matter product development fast and efficient.

You can download the paper by clicking on the link below:

Matter — Making Smart Homes More Secure
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