RESEARCH PAPER: Lenovo’s Scalable Solutions For SAP Applications

By John Fruehe - May 15, 2017
Digital transformation is driving business to embrace new IT architectures as they try to take advantage of new data sources and drive better decision making. SAP is a leader in providing the software to help automate, run, and bring insight to enterprises. But how SAP applications are deployed can have a huge impact on how quickly and efficiently businesses operate and insights can be gleaned. You can download the paper here.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Today's Customer Needs
  • Lenovo & SAP Address Scaling Needs
  • The Complete Lenovo / SAP Advantage
  • How Lenovo & Nutanix Differentiate SAP Landscapes
  • The Lenovo / Nutanix Architecture
  • How Customers Are Deploying Lenovo / Nutanix Today
  • Call To Action
  • Figure 1: The Lenovo & Nutanix Architecture

Companies Cited

  • Cisco
  • HPE
  • IBM
  • Lenovo
  • SAP
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