RESEARCH PAPER: Lenovo: A Trusted Partner in HPC

By Karl Freund - November 15, 2016
When Lenovo purchased the IBM System x business in 2014, customers were naturally anxious to see how their relationship with their system vendor would change. This was especially true for their High Performance Computing customers who were accustomed to enjoying a close working relationship with experienced engineers and scientists. They wondered if the new company would exhibit the same passion and expertise for the HPC market and retain its commitment to innovative products and customer collaboration. After all, if these customers didn’t value the close relationship with the experts and the high-quality products one expects from Big Blue, they probably would have purchased their HPC gear elsewhere. Based on the healthy growth that Lenovo has seen in HPC, where they now, according to TOP500 list announced by the in June 2016, rank #2 with 92 systems, it seems safe to conclude that Lenovo is managing the transition quite well. You can download the paper here. lenovo-racks

Table of Contents

  • Summary
  • HPC Customers Place High Demands on their Vendor Partners
  • Lenovo’s Approach to Managing Complexity
  • The Vital Role of Collaboration
  • Delivering the Performance Needed at the Right Price
  • The Road Ahead

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