RESEARCH PAPER: IBM Research Gets Us Closer to Quantum Advantage

Quantum advantage, a key milestone in quantum computing, refers to the yet-to-be- achieved stage where a quantum computer can surpass the performance of a traditional computer. Essentially, it’s all about the comparison of computational power between quantum and classical computers. Because it is such an important concept, it isn’t uncommon to see an occasional scientific paper written by a company or university claiming to have attained quantum advantage in some narrow slice of quantum computing.

You can download the paper by clicking on the logo below:

Table Of Contents:

  • Situation Analysis
  • Key Areas Of Research For Quantum Advantage
  • New Theories, New Solutions
  • Going For Utility Advantage
  • Future Research Targets
  • Conclusions
  • Figure 1: Quantum Error Correct vs Error Mitigation
  • Figure 2: The 100 x 100 Qubit Sweet Spot

Companies Cited:

  • IBM
Paul Smith-Goodson
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Paul Smith-Goodson is the Moor Insights & Strategy Vice President and Principal Analyst for quantum computing and artificial intelligence.  His early interest in quantum began while working on a joint AT&T and Bell Labs project and, during 360 overviews of Murray Hill advanced projects, Peter Shor provided an overview of his ground-breaking research in quantum error correction. 

Patrick Moorhead
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