RESEARCH PAPER: Hybrid IT Helps Businesses Navigate Through Digital Transformation

By John Fruehe - June 5, 2017
In this era of digital disruption, businesses must be more agile to capture opportunities. Many viewed cloud computing technology as the way to do this, promising to address agility, scalability, and cost. But in moving to the cloud, many found that its security, compliance, and performance did not fully meet their needs. Additionally, previous common thought was public cloud is less expensive than private cloud. We now know that is not true in all cases. Savvy businesses realize hybrid IT, which includes both off- premises and on-premises services, enables better agility. After initial experience with public cloud offerings, businesses learned that many workloads are best hosted on- premises, primarily due to security, compliance, performance, control, and cost issues.
You can download the paper here.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Today's Customer Needs
  • Hybrid IT Brings Agility To The Datacenter
  • The New Cloud Reality
  • Securing Business & Data
  • Compliance
  • Performance
  • Economic Cost
  • HPE's Vision: The New Compute Experience
  • Agility
  • Security
  • Economic Control
  • Call To Action
  • Figure 1: The Deployment Continuum
  • Figure 2: Hybrid Cloud vs Hybrid IT
  • Figure 3: New Cloud Reality Moves The Public / Private Line

Companies Cited

  • Amazon
  • HPE
  • Intel
  • Microsoft
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