RESEARCH PAPER: Gen-Z & Emerging System Requirements

The ultimate objective of modern information technology (IT) systems is to transform data into information with actionable business insights. Businesses demand security and data protection throughout this entire process. Insights must be virtually immediate, derived from data of unpredictable volume, from hosts in many different locations, and from an increasing number of diverse sources. These requirements, especially size and the need for extremely low latency access, are changing the way systems handle data and the supporting architecture.

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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • A Data-Centric Future
  • Software is a Revolution
  • System Domains & the Scaling Challenge
  • The Data Domain & Gen-Z, a Candidate Interconnect
  • An Open Industry Standard
  • A Peek into the Future
  • Call to Action
  • Appendix
  • I. Moore’s Law
  • II. Caching Operation Coherency
  • III. The Work of von Neumann & Amdahl
  • IV. Coherent Bus Limitations
  • V. Memory & Split or Deferred Operations
  • VI. Semaphores & Lock Operations
  • VII. Work in the Wrong Domain
  • Figure 1: System Domains
  • Figure 2: Data-Centric System

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