RESEARCH PAPER: Echelon’s Efficient Connected Lighting Solutions

By Mike Krell - June 2, 2015
Echelon Corporation is a leader in connected, Internet of Things (IoT) lighting solutions. They give enterprises, governments, parking operators, and anyone who deals with large-scale lighting solutions the ability to provide their constituents with cost reductions as well as safer and more comfortable living and working environments. Historically, lighting is something we all take for granted. Installed lights surround us both inside and outside, and many of us hardly notice. Today, the transition from incandescent and fluorescent bulbs to LED technology is one of the fastest-growing changes in unit volume we have ever seen. We are on the verge of being able to drastically change how lighting effects our daily lives. Installing digital, connected lighting solutions such as those offered by Echelon can greatly reduce energy consumption and maintenance, directly affecting a corporation’s bottom line. These same solutions can provide real benefits in terms of safety, productivity, and health for employees, customers, and the general public.

Table Of Contents

  • Executive Overview
  • The Lighting Transition from Analog to Digital
  • The Effects of Lighting on Life & Work
  • Economic & Environmental Benefits
  • Productivity Benefits
  • Unlocking the Value in Lighting
  • Echelon Smart Lighting Solutions
  • Call to Action
  • Figure 1: Global LED Lamp Penetration Shipments 2014-2022 (Source: Strategies in Light)
  • Table 1: Lighting Technology Lifetime
  • Figure 2: Echelon Hybrid RF / PL System Overview
  • Table 2: LED Savings
You can download the paper here.

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