RESEARCH PAPER: Dell EMC Delivers a Broad Portfolio of Converged Systems for Enterprise IT

By Gina Longoria - January 12, 2017
The converged systems market is growing rapidly as IT organizations look to improve efficiency and simplify their operations. A growing number of converged systems solutions are now available from leading vendors that range from flexible building blocks to turnkey solution stacks. Dell’s acquisition of EMC in September 2016 gave the two companies the opportunity to bring together a strong portfolio of products, expertise, and scale for customers of converged systems. Just six weeks after the acquisition was completed, Dell EMC introduced the “build” to “buy” continuum to position each of the converged systems offerings in the combined portfolio. “Build” solutions are optimized for flexibility, while “buy” solutions are designed to deliver turnkey outcomes. You can download the paper here. dell_2016_logo_emc

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Trends
  • “Build” vs. “Buy”: One Size Does Not Fit All
  • “Buy” Solution Attributes
  • “Build” Solution Attributes
  • Dell EMC Offers a Broad Portfolio
  • Dell EMC’s “Build” Solutions
  • Dell EMC’s “Buy” Solutions
  • Dell EMC’s “Better Together” Opportunity
  • Call to Action
  • Table 1: “Build” vs. “Buy” Comparison for Converged Systems
  • Figure 1: Dell EMC Converged Systems Portfolio

Companies Cited

  • Cloudera
  • Dell
  • EMC
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Pivotal
  • Red Hat
  • SAP
  • VCE
  • Virtustream
  • VMware
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