RESEARCH PAPER: CES 2014 Wearable & Fitness Tech Trends- Going Mainstream

By Brian Pitstick - January 18, 2014
CES has changed considerably over the past 10-15 years. As the PC is a piece but no longer the center of the universe, many new technologies touching many industries are emerging and have taken over the buzz at the show. Computerized cars, robots, drones, smart homes, and fashionable music accessories are everywhere. There were even companies like Yellow Jacket turning your iPhone into a personal Taser.  Really?  I can just see the application with fitness devices for added motivation.  Another major trend growing in the market was a major increase in noise at the show, the trend of wearable computing and technology intersecting the sport, health, and fitness markets. CES 2014 even featured a separate dedicated full day FitnessTech session and Tech Zone on show floor. This report covers 12 major trends coming out of CES 2014 in the emerging fitness, health, & digital sport tech industry along with my analysis and opinions on these trends. As a category, fitness & sport tech appears to have gone mainstream as evidenced by the broad set of new players entering and existing players continuing to expand their offerings.  While the market has a ton of potential to grow, I’m bit worried investment is outpacing market growth.  As such, I expect there to be winners and losers in the market.  For wearable devices, customers will demand more than just technology products. Technology innovation is critical, but to drive adoption wearables will need to provide devices that offer rich services targeted at helping a specific user group meet a specific goal.  This requires a strong focus on your target customer segment and understanding of their goals and needs.  With this focus, successful companies need to build unique differentiated solutions that help them stand-out in the market.  Companies that can artfully marry technology innovation with customer intimacy and credibility will be the true long-term winners.

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Trend #1: Explosion of Bands
  • Trend #2: 2-Way Communication
  • Trend #3: The Heart rate Debate
  • Trend #4: Algorithms and Industry Expertise
  • Trend #5: Battery Life & Charging
  • Trend #6: Connected Sports
  • Trend #7: Glass-Enabled Sports
  • Trend #8: Kids
  • Trend #9: Embedded Clothing
  • Trend #10: Silicon Vendors & targeted Product Solutions
  • Trend #11: Gamification
  • Trend #12: Home Health
  • Conclusion
You can download this paper here.

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