RESEARCH PAPER: Bringing Dev Ops to WAN Orchestration

By John Fruehe - June 2, 2015
The complexity of today’s WAN environments breeds inflexibility and inefficiency. Managing the deployment and operation of WAN connections has proven to be both manual and time consuming, driving up costs to companies deploying them. Any delays in rolling out new services means that businesses miss out on opportunities that could drive new revenue streams. With Gluware 1.0, Glue Networks introduced a cloud-based Software-Defined WAN (SD WAN) orchestration platform that allowed businesses to deploy faster and create more efficient hybrid WANs, while also reducing both the deployment as well as operational costs. Agile businesses are leveraging strategies like Dev Ops to try to drive better efficiency and shorten application development cycles, hoping to rein in the cost of IT. However, Dev Ops focuses on application development, not the network. Further complicating matters, the largest Dev Ops challenges are not technical, they are organizational and cultural. What is required to drive better efficiency and automation in the network world is a development environment that helps drive more automation, but without forcing a wholesale organizational shift or forcing network engineers into a completely new role. The new Gluware 2.0 platform has potential to fill this gap by bringing Dev Ops functionality to SD WAN orchestration.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Agility for Network Engineering
  • Software-Defined WAN Changes the Game
  • Gluware 2.0: Delivering Agility for Network Engineers
  • The First Network-Aware Orchestration Platform
  • Gluware 2.0 Drives Customer Benifits
  • The Competition is not Delivering
  • Call to Action
  • Figure 1: Software-Defined WAN with Hybrid Connectivity over MPLS and Internet
  • Figure 2: The Gluware 2.0 Platform
  • Figure 3: The Gluware 2.0 Platform Mimics the Network Lifecycle from Design & Validate through Deploy & Manage
You can download the paper here.

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