RESEARCH PAPER: AI PC: What You Need To Know About The Future of Computing and AI

A flood of AI PCs will soon be released by the major computer companies. This paper discusses how AI PCs will impact future work environments and how users, developers, and content creators can use AI PCs for improved creativity and productivity. The paper also explores how AI PCs will drive the next stage of AI innovation to bring about the eventual democratization of AI.

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Table Of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • A Brief Surgery Of The AI Landscape
  • Bringing AI Applications To Personal Computing
  • Disadvantages Of Large-Scale Approaches To AI
  • Lightweight AI Models And Applications
  • Leveraging Copilot Features For AI PCs
  • Driving The Adoption Of AI PCs
  • Compelling Economics Of Embedded AI
  • Long-Term View Of AI PCs
  • Figure 1: Growth In AI PC Shipments 2022 To 2027
  • Figure 2: The Democratization Of AI
  • Figure 3: The Evolution Of Computing
  • Pilot Programs For AI PCs
  • Call To Action
  • Table 1: Average Performance On Grouped Benchmarks Compared To LlAMA-2 And Mistrial
  • Table 2: PHI-2 Compared To Gemini Nano 2

Companies Cited:

  • Adobe
  • AMD
  • Google
  • Intel
  • Intuit
  • Microsoft
  • Qualcomm


Paul Smith-Goodson
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Paul Smith-Goodson is the Moor Insights & Strategy Vice President and Principal Analyst for quantum computing and artificial intelligence.  His early interest in quantum began while working on a joint AT&T and Bell Labs project and, during 360 overviews of Murray Hill advanced projects, Peter Shor provided an overview of his ground-breaking research in quantum error correction. 

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