RESEARCH PAPER: The Three Key Elements Of Success In Edge Computing

We live in an intelligent world. A host of devices shapes the way we live, from the cars we drive and the streets on which those cars are driven, to the power plants that generate electricity to the factories that make the goods we consume.

This intelligent world is the result of intelligent infrastructure. The Internet of Things (IoT) generates data that is consumed, transformed and used to drive automation through real-time analysis. This is the essence of edge computing. For the edge to live up to its promise, the integration of the edge-to-cloud-to-core datacenter must be seamless, secure and scalable.

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Table Of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • The Edge – So Diverse, Yet So Consistent
  • The Data Journey
  • Security Everywhere Or Security Nowhere
  • Technology Is Critical, But The Challenge Is Bigger
  • Project Cassini Addresses The Edge In Its Entirety
  • Standards
  • Security
  • Ecosystem
  • MI&S Perspective
  • Figure 1: The Edge-To-Cloud Journey
  • Figure 2: The Pillars Of Project Cassini
  • Figure 3: Frictionless Edge Deployment With SystemReady

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