The Internet of Things explosion has led to a severe wireless spectrum shortage, driving researchers to seek new ways to alleviate the bandwidth crunch. Wireless researchers now plan for a 5th generation wireless standard (5G), which is expected to provide a 1000x increase in network capacity and arrive at the end of the decade. To enable 5G, the wireless research community seeks new ways to improve efficiencies in prototyping, validation and test of next generation technologies.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Anticipating the Capacity Crunch
  • Current Challenges in Wireless Design
  • Prototyping with Software Defined Radios
  • The NI SDR Portfolio
  • A Promising Software Solution
  • Collaboration is Key
  • Call to Action
  • Figure 1: Communication System Design Tool Landscape
  • Figure 2: Classical Design Flow
  • Figure 3: New Design Flow with LabVIEW Communications Software

You can download the paper here.

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