RESEARCH PAPER: The Latest Extreme Low Power, Windows Tablets Now Ready for the Enterprise

The introduction of Apple’s iPad sent shock waves through the industry as it redefined end user’s expectations on design, battery life, simplicity, content and applications. Like PC purchases driven by end users and departments in the late 1980’s, iPads first entered the enterprise through executives, departments and end users. Apple added basic enterprise features and let third parties add incremental support. At the time, enterprises did not have a viable alternative, so they started to test and deploy iPads even with the incremental cost, time and complexity. This paper looks at the latest generation of enterprise tablets from HP, Dell and Lenovo and assesses their value enterprise proposition versus Apple’s iPad.

Table of Contents

  • Abstract
  • Historical Tablets Challenges in the Enterprise
  • iPads in the Enterprise
  • D) Additional Requirements for iPad Enterprise Rollouts
  • Disruptive Enterprise Tablet Technologies
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Intel Atom Processor Z2760
  • New Breed of Enterprise Tablets
  • Design and Display
  • Battery and Battery Life
  • Expandability
  • OEM Supported Enterprise Features
  • Software, IDE, and Hardware Compatibility
  • Typical Configured List Price (64GB/WiFi) with OEM supported Peripherals
  • F) Conclusion and Call to Action

You can download the paper here.

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