RESEARCH PAPER: The Business Value Of Portworx PX Enterprise

Enterprises are rapidly embracing containers as a key technology enabler of cloud-native development methods. To develop and manage applications in containers at scale, enterprises are deploying container orchestrators, such as Kubernetes, both on-premises and in the cloud — often via a broader container-based platform. However, container management is just a first step as enterprises deploy applications to production. While the container platforms are a natural fit for stateless applications, these platforms do not provide container-native persistent storage necessary to effectively operate stateful applications such as databases.

We believe Portworx provides a compelling, container-native, persistent storage solution that enables operation of stateful applications within the same container platform as an enterprise’s stateless applications. Portworx’s unique storage solution delivers the availability, performance, and features necessary to minimize statefl application operations costs and improve revenue growth from an optimal customer experience and increased developer productivity.

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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Enterprise Challenges Using Non-Container Native Storage
  • The Business Risks Of Using Non-Container Native Storage
  • Portworx PX Enterprise: Container-Native Storage
  • Call To Action
  • Figure 1: Kubernetes Addresses Node Failure For PostgreSQL
  • Figure 2:Kubernetes Addresses Node Failure For Cassandra

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