RESEARCH PAPER: Shifting From A “Cloud First” To A “Cloud If” Enterprise Moment

Organizations that quickly respond to the customer and the market usually outperform their competitors. Technology is the key to enabling that responsiveness. An IT department that can enable responsiveness through new workloads, applications, and deployment methodologies is invaluable. IT transformation is how most companies deliver true IT responsiveness.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary- IT Dexterity Separates The Winners From The Losers

The Great Cloud Rush – The Great Cloud Retreat

Modernization – Beyond The Traditional Datacenter

PowerEdge – The Bedrock Of The Modern Datacenter

Workload Placement Strategy – Getting IT Right

Dexterous IT Organizations Require On-Premises Infrastructure

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Figure 1: The Modern Datacenter Exists Beyond Physical Boundaries

Figure 2: Drivers For On-Premises Infrastructure

Figure 3: Scalability For Diverse Needs

Figure 4: Dell EMC Silicon Root Of Trust

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