RESEARCH PAPER: Security And Privacy Controls: An Unequivocal Requirement In Today’s Smart Home

Earlier this year, Moor Insights & Strategy created a survey instrument intended to measure consumer perceptions about online security, privacy, and parental controls in the smart home. The survey instrument was created for Calix, a global provider of cloud and software platforms, systems, and services that deliver unified access networks and smart premises systems. Calix fielded the survey online and collected the survey data, which it shared with Moor Insights & Strategy. The purpose of the survey was to provide insight into these broad topics:

  • The work habits of today’s smart home users
  • The number (and types) of devices used in today’s smart home
  • The average broadband speeds utilized in today’s smart home
  • The factors inhibiting growth of smart home/IoT devices
  • Consumer sensitivity about security, privacy, and parental controls
  • Consumer trust in the typical sources of their security, privacy, and parental controlsolutions
  • The price elasticity of generic security, privacy, and parental control solutions

You can download the paper by clicking on the logo below:

Table Of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Survey Background, Methodology, And Demographic Considerations
  • Security And Privacy Challenges In Today’s Smart Home
  • What Concerns Customers The Most?
  • Interest-Level Findings
  • Pricing Sensitivity Rules
  • Consumer Trust Perceptions Of Companies Who Provide Security And Privacy Solutions
  • Conclusions And Closing Comments
  • Figure 1: Location Of Survey Respondents
  • Figure 2: Victims Of Virus Or Malware Attacks Or Knowing Friends Or Family Who Were Victims
  • Figure 3: Concerns About Online Experience For Children/Grandchildren
  • Figure 4: Interest In A Mobile App That Filters Content
  • Figure 5: Interest In A Mobile App To Limit Application Access
  • Figure 6: Pricing Sensitivity For Security, Content Filtering, And Application Limitations

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