RESEARCH PAPER: Rack Scale Server Segmentation 2014

Moor Insights & Strategy has published commentary and detailed analysis describing the changing scale-out datacenter market for almost two years. In that time, datacenter server hardware segments and descriptive terminology have become fairly complex.

Service oriented datacenters must balance their mix of compute capability and power consumption within an increasing density per cubic meter of datacenter space. Optimal efficiencies with increasing density can only be achieved through advances in network architecture and specialized computing. There is no way to meet the future datacenter needs without changing our approach away from individual server chassis and toward rack and datacenter level architectures.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Traditional Datacenter Server Segments Fail At Scale
  • Segmentation Considerations
  • The Data and Market Dynamics
  • Closing Notes
  • Moor Insights & Strategy References
  • Methodology
  • Want to Add a System to Our Charts?
  • Table 1: Moor Insights & Strategy Rack Scale Server Segmentation
  • Figure 1: Segment Map of Server Models
  • Figure 2: Segment Map of Form Factor and Sockets per Node

You can download the paper here.

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