RESEARCH PAPER: Quanta’s Server Business: Can They Scale Beyond Hyperscale?

Large-scale social media, cloud and search engine providers have become increasing focused on optimizing the capital expenditures for their datacenters. While these hyperscale customers have historically relied on the leading global OEMs (Dell, HP, IBM-now Lenovo) for their server infrastructure, the largest of these companies (i.e. web giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon) have “eliminated the middleman” and now specify and buy servers directly from the Taiwanese companies (ODMs) who design and manufacture the servers on the OEMs’ behalf.

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Quanta’s History in Servers: Transition from ODM to Direct Model
  • Quanta Server SWOT Analysis
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
  • Has Quanta’s Server Business Hit Its Peak?
  • Call to Action for Quanta: Growing Share in Hyperscale and Beyond
  • Important Information About This Paper
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