RESEARCH PAPER: Planet: Next Generation Satellite Imaging Using Artificial Intelligence And Agile Aerospace

In 1959, a United States satellite photographed the first image of a small patch of Earth from space. It took almost an hour for the satellite to transmit a blurry photo of Pacific Ocean clouds to a ground station in Hawaii.

Today, Planet, the satellite imagery and geospatial company, routinely images 300 million square kilometers of the Earth’s landmass every 24 hours. However, Planet’s product isn’t images, it is the data collected as it continually scans the globe, monitoring changes in landmass, from crops and forests to population activities like buildings and roads for customers across a variety of vertical markets.

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Table Of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • A Singular Product To Solve Complex Problems
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Planet’s Unique Vision
  • How Well Does Agile Aerospace Work?
  • Don’t Call Planet A Satellite Imaging Company
  • The Satellites
  • Spectral Bands
  • Fusion – Integration Of Data Sets
  • Carbon Mapper
  • Planet Strengths
  • The Future Of Planet The Company
  • The Future Of Planet And The World
  • Figure 1: A Decade Of Progress
  • Figure 2: Agile Space Missions
  • Figure 3: Planet Agile Software Development
  • Figure 4: Planet Components
  • Figure 5: Spacecraft Infrastructure
  • Figure 6: Solar Spectral Reflections Detected By Satellites
  • Figure 7: Planet’s Business Model

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