RESEARCH PAPER: Oracle Unleashes A HeatWave In The MySQL Market

In enterprise data management, Oracle Database is a dominant player, and MySQL is very popular among developers. MySQL is so prolific it ranks first in market share among all database distributions. Additionally, MySQL is the default database engine in most application stacks used in cloud-native applications.

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Table Of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Disruption Is Good – Disruption Is Necessary
  • In A Data-Driven World, Analytics Is Key
  • HeatWave – The Game-Changer
  • It’s All In The Architecture
  • HeatWave – Designed For The Cloud From Day One
  • What Makes HeatWave Unique – A Closer Look At Performance
  • In Closing
  • Figure 1: Extract, Transform & Load Process
  • Figure 2; On-Premises Analystics With HeatWave
  • Figure 3: Real-Time Analystics Process In HeatWave
  • Figure 4: Massive Parallelism

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