NVIDIA today launched one of the most significant initiatives in the history of the company that, if delivered as promised, could propel them into a position as a top enterprise technology player. Called “NVIDIA VGX”, NVIDIA strives to remove many of the remaining barriers that have stood in the way of full cloud VDI implementations, and doing this for some of the most challenging and monetizable cloud workloads. NVIDIA and their partners are attacking the scalability, latency, and performance per watt challenges that had previously hindered large scale rollouts of remote desktop installations for designers and power users. They are doing this with a first of its kind and highly patented hardware GPU virtualization, lower latency remote display architecture, and high performance per watt Kepler GPUs. NVIDIA has launched with the support from all the key server OEMs, hypervisor providers, and cloud gaming middleware providers. If NVIDIA and its partners can successfully execute, they will have enabled the first true delivery of anywhere, anytime computing, for any application, a goal of the industry for the past 20 years.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Anywhere, Anytime Computing Vision
  • Today’s User Challenges to Cloud Experiences
  • Layman’s Explanation of a Virtualized Cloud Experience
  • Today’s Technical and Business Challenges to the Cloud
  • How NVIDIA VGX Addresses the Challenge
  • NVIDIA VGX Can Solve Real Business Problems Today
  • NVIDIA VGX Ecosystem Enablement
  • Disruptive Nature of NVIDIA VGX and NVIDIA GeForce Grid
  • Conclusion

You can download the paper here.

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