RESEARCH PAPER: NovuMind: An Early Entrant In AI Silicon

NovuMind is a Silicon Valley startup that builds full-stack Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, AI models, algorithms, boards, chips, and intellectual property for both cloud and edge applications. The company focuses on AI inference where a trained deep neural network is used to process images, sound, speeches and other types of information. The market for inference processing is forecasted to grow rapidly as AI applications become pervasive in robotics, cloud applications, autonomous vehicles,and smart edge devices. This white paper will explore the company’s strategy,technology and ability to differentiate in this fast-moving and soon-to-be crowded marketplace.

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Table Of Contents

  • Executive Overview
  • Company Overview And Strategy
  • The 1st Generation Of NovuTensor
  • The Company’s Technology Roadmap
  • NovuMind Customer Examples
  • Conclusions
  • Figure 1: NovuMind’s View Of The AI Market
  • Figure 2: NovuMind’s 3D Operation
  • Figure 3: Upscaling Lower Resolution Images To 8K

Companies Cited

  • AMD
  • Baidu
  • Hewlett Packard
  • NCS Pte. Ltd.
  • NovuMind
  • SingTel