RESEARCH PAPER: Micron Authenta Technology: Silicon Root Of Trust To Secure The Intelligent Edge

As more IoT solutions take hold of the digital landscape, the need for security is paramount to their integrity and potential. Micron has created Authenta-enabled flash memory and a complementary edge-to-cloud cybersecurity platform to solve these security problems for IoT. This paper breaks down the challenges of IoT security and addresses how Micron’s Authenta creates trusted systems and helps to secure the IoT.

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Table Of Contents

  • The Challenge Of IoT Security
  • Micron Authenta Flash Memory And Authenta Cloud Platform
  • Authenta In the Market
  • Conclusion
  • Figure 1: Flash Memory With External TPM/SE, Integrated SE and RoT
  • Figure 2: Authenta’s Root Of Trust Enabling Trusted IoT Services Via Cloud

Companies Cited

  • Micron
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