RESEARCH PAPER: Managing Applications And Data In The Digitally Transformed Business

Digital transformation and modernization initiatives have fundamentally changed the ways businesses operate. The explosion of applications across the enterprise generating an unprecedented amount of data, has stressed the limits of IT in terms of operations and infrastructure support.

The digitally transformed business is powered by a new class of applications architected for portability, mobility, reusability, and security. However, these cloud-native applications run alongside and integrate with legacy three-tiered applications residing on legacy three-tiered architectures. Indeed, most enterprise datacenters are siloed environments that are independently deployed and managed. From COBOL-based applications running on mainframes to legacy three-tiered to distributed cloud-native workloads.

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Table Of Contents:

  • Situation Analysis
  • There’s An App For That
  • Business Critical Goes Cloud
  • Modernizing Infrastructure Is The First Step
  • The Evolution Of HCI
  • How HCI Has Modernized
  • Not All HCI Is Created Equal
  • Executive Summary
  • Figure 1: The Modern, Distributed Compute Environment
  • Figure 2: Mapping The Requirements For Modern HCI

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