RESEARCH PAPER: Leveraging Server Architectures To Win In The Datacentric Era

One of the trendy catchphrases for organizations going through digital transformation is“data is the new oil.” A more accurate phrasing of this statement is, “Data is the new crude oil and intelligence is the new gasoline.” An organization’s ability to transformpetabytes of data into meaningful intelligence enables differentiation in the marketplace.

Data management is bigger than a database and analytics tools. It is the lifecycle management of data – from collection to archiving and beyond. It starts with the creation of raw (crude) data, continues through the transformation into the actionable derivative business need (intelligence), and moves on to storage for archival and historical purposes.

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Table Of Contents

  • Summary – Data Is The New Crude – Intelligence Is the New Gasoline
  • Data Is Everywhere, But Intelligence Drives the Business
  • Analytics – Getting Intelligence Right
  • It All Starts With Infrastructure
  • New PowerEdge Servers – Designed To Extract Value From Raw Data
  • Call To Action
  • Figure 1: Data Management In The Real World
  • Figure 2: The Data Management Landscape
  • Figure 3: The Dell EMC PowerEdge R840 And R940xa
  • Figure 4: Silicon=Based Security

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