RESEARCH PAPER: Is Your Printer The New Trojan horse?

Of all the IT devices commonly found in a corporate office, business, school, government building or even home office, the traditional office printer is generally perceived as benign and non-threatening. However, in the age of increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity attacks, the printer’s passive functioning is its central attraction as an attack vector for nefarious actors looking for the weakest link in an organization’s IT security defense strategy.

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Table Of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Scoping And Defining The Threat
  • Secure Firmware: An Effective Cybersecurity Approach For Printers
  • Consumables
  • The Printer
  • Implications And Conclusions
  • Figure 1: The PewDiePie Message
  • Figure 2: Firmware Location On HP Toner Cartridge

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