RESEARCH PAPER: HP: Protecting Printers With Enterprise Grade Security

In today’s Internet of Things (IoT) environment, security is not only critical, it’s essential. Newly connected IoT devices such as thermostats, vending machines, HDTV’s and wearables create some of the largest potential security gaps in the IT infrastructure. As users demand mobility, cloud-based applications and collaboration, both inside and outside their company or organizations firewalls, the threat of a malicious attack or industrial espionage is around every corner.

Moor Insights & Strategy (MI&S) believes that printing is an often overlooked segment of IoT that has great potential risks. Documents that are printed are generally time sensitive, high priority and important, making them essential to secure. We also believe that HP holds a leadership position in both global security services, and the hardcopy peripheral market, with the LaserJet line of printers and multi-function devices. As a leader in both these segments HP has the ability to provide integrated security not just for their printers, but across the entire organizational spectrum including servers, storage, networking, personal computers, and tablets. This breadth of software, hardware and services is what makes HP unique in the security market.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • The Risk of Lax Printing Security
  • Not Your Father’s Old Printer – Not the Same Old Use Model – Not the Same Old Security
  • Printer Security: The HP Big Picture
  • HP Printing Security Advisory Services
  • HP Arcsight Security Information & Event Management Printer Integration & HP Secure Content Management & Monitoring
  • HP Imaging and Printing Security Center 2.1
  • HP JetAdvantage Pull Print
  • Summary: Call to Action

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